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Children Resisting Post-Separation Contact: Concepts, Controversies, Assessment & Intervention

This course is suitable for therapists, custody/access assessors, mediators, parenting coordinators, child protection workers and lawyers. You will learn about: differentiating types and severity levels of parent-child contact problems: affinities, alignments, justified (realistic estrangement), alienation and hybrid cases; the impact of alienation on children, adolescents and young adults; assessment considerations; differentiated legal and clinical remedies […]

Meeting with Children: Introducing a Structured Approach

This one-day training will focus on non-evaluative meetings with children. How do we create opportunities for children to describe their experiences of family and social life post separation? How do children and young people want to speak with us? How do we get out of the way of leading the child and hear what children […]

Parenting Coordination: Foundations

This introductory course is suitable for mental health professionals, mediators and lawyers. No previous experience or knowledge of parenting coordination is required. The following are covered: the role of cognitive bias in assessment and intervention, the roles and functions of the parenting coordinator, high conflict families, sample Parenting Coordination Agreement, nuts and bolts of the […]

Family Arbitration Law & Skills (40 Hours)

This 40 hour, highly interactive, role-play based course is designed to meet the requirements for the FDRP Arb (Certified Specialist in Family Arbitration) and FDRP PC (Certified Specialist in Parenting Coordination) designations offered by FDRIO. For More Information (PDF)

Civil Procedure (CRES 1411)

This course is for those who want to practice mediation in the context of the civil justice system. It is
required for mediators who do not have a law degree and want to be considered for the BC Mediator

Integrative Mediation Training with Stephen Sulmeyer

Integrative Mediation (IM) is an innovative, structured co-mediation model combining the skills and expertise of a lawyer and mental health professional (and where appropriate a financial expert) to address disputes in a sensitive and holistic manner. By addressing all facets of a dispute—emotional, legal and financial—IM helps parties cut through posturing and positioning and reach […]

Part III – Arbitration Workshop

2 days x 7 hours, plus post-test (8 hours credit if successful) CPD Credits: The Law Society of BC (15 hours) and Mediate BC (14 hours) Review arbitrator’s role and rules of procedure; practice decision writing; role-play in-person arbitration. Each participant will conduct a minimum of 2 arbitrations and be an observer or given a […]

Complex Issues for ADR Professionals

Topics to include: Working with Vulnerable Participants: The Ethical Implications for ADR Practice Conflict Analysis and Intervention Selection for the Parenting Coordinator: Strategies for Success Working with Step Parent Families – Understanding their Uniqueness Cases that are Contraindicated for Parenting Coordination Case Law Update, Tips for Parenting Coordinators from a Litigation Perspective, and Appearing in […]

Part II – Conduct of Arbitration Proceedings

3 days x 7 hours, plus post-test (4 hours credit if successful) CPD Credits: The Law Society of BC (18 hours) and Mediate BC (21 hours) Intensive review of the BC Arbitration Act and rules of procedure including options under various sets of rules (BCICAC, ADRIC, plus others); evaluating types of evidence; practice issues; ethical […]

Parenting Coordination: Practice Foundations

This training program for parenting coordinators, mediators, custody evaluators, lawyers, judges, therapists, parent educators, and others who work with high conflict families. Participants will learn to: Identify the characteristics of PC clients that make them challenging Describe how PC clients’ involvement in legal adversarial court processes necessitates re-training in functional co-parenting Set up the case […]