Meeting with Children: Introducing a Structured Approach

This one-day training will focus on non-evaluative meetings with children. How do we create opportunities for children to describe their experiences of family and social life post separation? How do children and young people want to speak with us? How do we get out of the way of leading the child and hear what children have to say?

The course will focus on play-based and expressive techniques to create a safe space for sharing through metaphor. The use of metaphor allows children to express thoughts, feelings and concerns that come directly from the child rather that driven by pre- determined interview questions. Participants will examine the process of “inquiry” and identify important questions when using metaphors for use in child meetings. The focus is on knowing more about what is important to the child than what is important to third parties such as parents and systems. The workshop will differentiate “meeting with children” from “interviewing children”. Child development and ethical issues related to child meetings will be highlighted.

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