Nuts and Bolts of Parenting Coordination: Helping High Conflict Parents Resolve Disputes

A two-day training program for parenting coordinators, mediators, custody evaluators,
lawyers, judges, therapists, parent educators, and other professionals who work with
high conflict families.
This training program will describe the fundamentals of parenting coordination (PC),
including the principles and functions of the PC role, the knowledge base for being an
effective PC and ethical guidelines. This interactive workshop will assist professionals
in understanding the PC process, scope of authority, and techniques and strategies for
helping parents improve cooperation and communication. Participants will learn how
to help clients utilize the process and how to effectively write recommendations or
Participants in this two-day training program will learn to:

  • Differentiate the role of parenting coordinator from other related roles
  • Identify impact of high conflict dynamics on parents and children
  • Apply understanding of high conflict dynamics to the role of parenting coordinator
  • Establish screening techniques for domestic violence
  • Establish an effective parenting coordination contract
  • Identify in session and between session strategies for managing conflict
  • Implement strategies for improving parents’ communication
  • Avoid alignment with clients through self-check for bias
  • Write effective recommendations/decisions