When Nuts are Loose and Bolts Don’t Fit: Advanced Practices in Parenting Coordination

A two-day advanced training program for parenting coordinators, mediators, custody evaluators, judges, lawyers and other professionals who work with high conflict parents. This advanced workshop will focus on dealing with the most difficult issues in the PC process, including allegations of alienation and abuse, visitation resistance and refusal, and personality disordered parents. In addition, practical tools for analyzing intractable conflict and interventions to disarm embattled parents will be addressed. Stages of conflict resolution and techniques to heighten parents’ consciousness will be introduced. Participants in this two-day training program will learn to:

  • Understand the dynamics of alienation from a family systems perspective
  • Provide interventions in the PC process for dealing with visitation resistance and refusal
  • Identify features of high conflict personalities and personality disordered individuals
  • Better understand the role of the PC in families with disputes around infants and toddlers
  • Analyze instances of intractable conflict and devise strategies for interventions
  • Techniques for managing team collaboration
  • The importance of writing clear, concise and precise agreements, recommendations or decisions