Parenting Coordination: Practice Foundations

This training program for parenting coordinators, mediators, custody evaluators, lawyers, judges, therapists, parent educators, and others who work with high conflict families.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the characteristics of PC clients that make them challenging
  • Describe how PC clients’ involvement in legal adversarial court processes necessitates re-training in functional co-parenting

  • Set up the case for success: from referrals to service agreements and appointment order to intake
  • Use communication channels and the parenting plan/custody order to manage conflict between co-parents
  • Set and enforce rules, including court orders and PC procedures
  • Discuss PC functions in a conscious manner: case management, education, settlement, and decision-making
  • Gain competence in management strategies for when the PC process gets derailed
  • Analyze PC practice risk and strategies to manage and minimize professional risk

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